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Tips For Maintaining Your Heat Pump

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Heat pumps need both ongoing and annual attention. The heat pump air filter out must be replaced every 30 to ninety days to save you dust and debris buildup inner your ductwork. The heat pump coils should also be wiped clean once a year, twice a year in a few instances. A full annual service including checking the amount of gas, fans, and different components is recommended, preferably at Springtime.

How Often Should Heat Pumps Be Serviced?

If it’s your number one way of heating and cooling your residential home, a heat pump ought to be serviced every 6 months by an HVAC technician. Otherwise, it must be serviced annually.

It’s stated that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. The recurring servicing expenses can ensure your heat pump remaining a great deal longer than with out service. Servicing it regularly enough can hone out minor problems earlier and reducing stress on important parts of your heat pump, causing failure.

In case you hear any unusual noises coming from your heat pump, you’ll want to get it checked out ASAP. You could also check out the service  manual and the heat pump manufacturer’s website to see if they have any info on how to correct it yourself. HVAC Internet forums also are a beneficial resource as many HVAC techs love to hang around and talk shop on those websites to offer a wealth of know-how, hints, and guidelines.

There may be also a number preventative steps you could take to reduce your heat pump troubles, which I’ll detail below.

Steps to Maintain and Service Your Heat Pump

First of all, don’t run your heat pump when it’s colder than 30 degrees (even 40 degree weather isn’t that effective) because it puts extra pressure for your system.

  1. Take a look at the air filters monthly.
  2. Clear away leaves and brush that may have settled on your heat pump.
  3. Maintain as a minimum 18 inches (forty five cm) of space round your heat pump. Especially trim back landscaping that’s relatively close to it.
  4. Flush the condensation drain pipe early Spring to take away clogs and make sure condensation drains successfully from the heat pump.
  5. Have Fixed HVAC clean the inner evaporator and condensing coils.
  6. Inspect and clean the fans if needed.

Heat pumps can cost as much as $10,000 to replace, so unless you’re an skilled HVAC technician, we don’t advise trying to open up and servicing your heat pump on your own. Call Fixed HVAC Services when it’s time to get it checked out.  Better yet, ask us about our maintenance plans to ensure your bases are covered.

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