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Whole House Air Purification

Allergies? Flu & COVID-19 Concerns? You Need an Air Purifier

We all may be in our homes a lot more than we used to be so air quality should be more of a concern for us. Not only do we want good clean air available for ourselves but we also need to be cautious when others enter our homes.

Believe it or not, indoor air is more polluted that outdoor air.  Regular filters that you’ve used for all these years can do a decent job at filtering dust and other floating particles but they don’t do anything to fight microbial and viruses that are in our indoor air.  In the Winter months, you’re especially vulnerable due to your windows being shut and not going in and out of your home as much.  Add the flu, COVID-19, common colds, pet dander and other allergens, to those who may already have respiratory issues and you’ll have sick and miserable people under your roof.

That’s why we at Fixed! HVAC recommend having us install a whole house air purifier, or air scrubber like the Aerus Air Scrubber.  It uses the same technology that’s used by NASA to keep all the pollutants, bacteria and viruses out or our astronauts lungs.  We can install one in short time so that you can begin to have worry-free breathing in just a few hours.

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How an Air Scrubber Works

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