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New Thermostat HVAC

These once simple and mechanical devices are the controlcenter of our home's heating and air conditioning systems.

 Mercury bulb thermostats, the former mainstay of design, have been phased out long ago (2007) due to the environmental impact of Mercury waste in our landfills and waterways. Rest assured, if we at Fixed! HVAC Service replace any controls devices containing mercury they will be disposed of properly. 

With all things, technological development has improved and made our lives more comfortable and connected. Today's thermostats come in a variety of types and varying degrees of capability and cost. From simple, digital programmable thermostats to models that you can give voice commands to, control remotely with your phone, or even manufacturer specific models that can actually communicate with their host equipment, provide insight into performance issues, report problems and even communicate to the manufacturer!

Thermostats do need to be selected for your specific application so choose carefully. If you have any questions about thermostats or would like a new thermostat installed in your home, please reach out to us!
And if you receive a new thermostat as a Christmas gift, please do not try to install it on Christmas day. 🙂

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