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Getting Your HVAC System Serviced During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Fixed! understands that with the current pandemic situation with “social distancing” as the “new normal”, having someone inside your residence raises some issues. Here are our solutions and safety guidelines.

As the COVID-19 outbreak maintains to disrupt our lives and the additional time you’re at home, the stress on home equipment – specifically your HVAC unit, can be excessive. What should you do? What must you ask of the experts and how can you help limit the chance of in addition coronavirus publicity and unfold? Here’s what we advocate:

If my A/C or furnace has a problem am I able to schedule a repair?
Sure. Our office and service technicians are taking calls and appointments.

We’re also following the guidelines the State and Counties issue but don’t anticipate any restrictions for us.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to keep you safe:

  • Our personnel are checked for fever daily
  • We disinfect our vans and service equipment after each job.
  • We wear masks, shoe covers and gloves
  • A clean uniform is used each day

Getting Our Service, Socially Distant

If HVAC service is needed by us, there are some steps you could take to reduce your chance and the risk of infecting your Fixed! HVAC professional.

  • Don’t engage us if you’re displaying any symptoms
  • Wipe door handles clean that our technician might also want access
  • Have your conversations outside when feasible
  • Keep social distance quality practices (no handshaking, stay 6 feet apart, don’t touch the same pens, paper, etc.)

If you or anybody in your own home is having symptoms, you shouldn’t call us unfortunately.

To make sure the service technician is safe from infection and to minimize the danger of spreading COVID-19, don’t bring us in your home if anyone is showing symptoms. Cancel any appointments until the danger of contamination is gone. If it’s an emergency you’ll need to get everyone in your home to another location then have your home sanitized before we can come inside to do any service.

We hope you understand the measures that are necessary during these unprecedented time. Fixed! HVAC will do everything possible to keep you and our employees safe.

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