You should add a second air conditioning system in several situations and circumstances. It may seem counterintuitive, but adding a second system could save you money in the long run. 

Balance & Temperature Control

The main reason for adding a second air conditioning system is to balance out the temperature in a home. Two-story older homes are the prime candidates for unbalanced temperatures. The upstairs is traditionally hot, and the downstairs is chilly, making both uncomfortable. 

While you continuously run an air conditioning system to try to cool down the warmer areas, the cool area just gets cooler, and the system runs constantly. This temperature zone variation is also true of very large homes and multi-level homes. A vast open area in a large home may be more challenging to cool down than smaller rooms in other parts of the house. 

Divided Living Space

Another consideration for adding a second air conditioning system is if you have an area in your home that rarely sees use. Perhaps you are closing in a 3 seasons room to make it a year round retreat. Maybe you are adding a small addition to your home. We have even installed systems to provide controlled climates in garages and workshops !

Energy And Cost Savings

Unsurprisingly, the more your system runs, the more energy you use, and the higher your bill will be each month. By adding a second system, you can simply use and cool the areas in your home you need to. In addition to benefiting the planet, energy savings also help your wallet. 

The upfront cost to install two units could be more expensive, but the difference is probably less than you’d think. Air conditioning systems are customized to your home’s size based on the intended square footage usage. Therefore, you might have two smaller units instead of one larger one. With the option to use only one at a time or both less often, the energy savings quickly offset the initial installation cost. 

Alternative Solutions

Before committing to a second system, consider a single-unit zoned system. A zoned system aims to fix the same problems a second unit would but in one system. It uses dampers inside the ductwork to change and control the airflow to different areas of your home. A single-unit zone system is more expensive than a traditional single unit but offers energy savings. Providing a zoned solution in existing homes can be tricky, but can be done if the existing ducting system will allow for it.

Second Air Conditioning System Installation

So, you are ready to add a second system to your home!  You should consider several factors to ensure a second unit complements your existing one and delivers the promised comfort. Installing a second AC unit is not a simple “plug-and-play” situation. Installing an additional AC unit requires checking your ducts, figuring out the right capacity, possibly upgrading your electrical system, and thoughtfully placing indoor and outdoor units for the best results.

If you find this idea attractive, you should contact FIXED! HVAC professional service technicians for a consultation on your additional system. Luckily, our technicians are knowledgeable and available to help you along the way. Adding a second AC unit is an investment that could bring long-term savings on energy bills, and provide a more comfortable home.